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Rebranding - Silver Swann Closed

So, it's obvously been a while...

After creating jewelry for over 10 years, I have decided to refocus my energies back to my traditional work - drawing and painting.  I have enjoyed making jewelry over the years, selling at shows and online, and learning new things.

But the past few years, it's become more like work than I want it to be.  I've lost the drive I had to create new pieces; I'm burnt out.  Will I go back one day? I hope so... I have a lot of equpitment I'd hate to go to waste!

While The Silver Swann is closing it's doors though, Swann Designs is opening.  There is a new shop on etsy, new website, new products, and I am so excited about it all! Products I've got so far: vinyl stickers, buttons, greeting cards, notecards, canvas bags, reusable totes, magnets, and enamel pins!

I've attended a few shows already and will be showing twice more before the end of this year.

December 5th: Howard County Arts Council Show 5:30pm-8pm

December 14th: Wint…

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