Friday, January 16, 2015

Patuxent Lapidary Guild of Annapolis

I recently joined the Patuxent Lapidary Guild of Annapolis and have been very excited to learn some new techniques I've been researching for a while now.  I did an etching class with my other half, Rob, last weekend.  Learned about etching with Ferric Nitrate.  The etching itself was a little disappointing as the acid didn't wear much of the metal away.  It apparently had been previously used.  BUT I learned some very useful things I couldn't pick up from just watching a video on YouTube.  I am looking forward to when my order of Ferric Nitrate arrives next week and I can try out my new designs!!

This weekend I'm learning more about PMC, or precious metal clay, which is something I've been thinking about for years, but it's so pricey I just never tried it out.  I had no idea they also made base metal clays like Brass and Copper!!  And now I see they make a sterling silver clay too, so anxious to get started tomorrow!!!!  I will be posting some pictures of the work soon!

Happy New Year, everyone!