Sunday, October 12, 2014

Catoctin Colorfest

Just came back from Thurmont's Catoctin Colorfest - what a BIG show!  Thank you for your support and your interest!  I met some great people, artists, and fellow metalsmiths.  Sales were pretty decent, no thanks to the ugly weather on Saturday!

A few of you asked if I would teach classes on what I do.  I would be happy to discuss private lessons if you are interested - I am based near Baltimore.  Check my esty page if you wish to purchase something - my website is being weird....  My other information is listed and viewable on the site - just purchasing sections that are under construction.

Sadly, I was robbed today during the show.  Two of my pieces were taken right off my table when my booth got crowded.  I posted photographs below.  If you live in the Thurmont/Fredrick area and you know anything, please contact me.  The police have taken the information and given me a case number.  I'm always saddened to realize just how untrustworthy sellers have to be to protect their hard work.  And what upsets me more is that they probably have no appreciation for how much work I had to put into making those pieces they so easily slipped into their possession.  I hope it comes back to bite them hard.

Lost, but never forgotten:


Saturday, October 4, 2014

Art on the Avenue

Art on the Avenue went great today!  (Minus a dog peeing on my tablecloth near the end of the show...)  It was great to see so many people out there - it's still my favorite show! 

Despite the crazy amount of jewelry vendors this year (almost double every other category), it didn't seem to hurt my sales too much. 

I'm very happy to get feedback on my work - I strive to create unique pieces with personality and sophistication. :D

Look for me next weekend in Thurmont, MD for their 51st Annual Catoctin Colorfest!!  We will be sharing booth 164 with talented painter, Maddy Lawrence!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fresh off the bench

Some work fresh off the bench. My new adjustable stone rings - druzy stones, one beautiful Parrot Wing Jasper, and a small amethyst cab. The rings are all asymmetrical and the adjustable piece on this set is a spiraling ring base.
Made quite a few bangles including two that have jade set into them. There are also several Plume agate bangles as well now!
 The necklace is a pair of rainbow calsilica set on a lacy hand-cut silver piece with a satin matte finish. Very light weight despite it's size!  Many more pieces have been made - this is just from the last two nights!  :)