Thursday, November 5, 2009

Too lazy for pictures this time

I'm getting ready for my holiday jewelry sale, hoping for even more orders than last year!! Especially since I've been able to make more pieces that include stones as well.

Got two new lenses and I'm already regretting one! The Sigma I bought is 30mm 1.4.... which I initially thought could be pretty cool to shoot with. But the DoF is sooooo shallow and because I'm using the D60 the focus needs to be perfect... and my baby don't do so well focusing in the "no light" situation. So I'll have to reserve that lens for when I get the money to upgrade my camera body.

The other lens, however, I think will work. I just need to be able to play with it and get comfortable with it. I'm excited, tho. Better than the standard lens....

Hopefully I can post photographs soon. Shooting Forgive the Fallen November 21st. And it's kind of a good thing that I've got this break to work on jewelry and get a chance to play with the Tamron lens..