Saturday, May 24, 2014

New series in progress!

A new series is in progress featuring Mojave turquoise and fossilized coral in a variety of colors.  These stones have webbings of bronze running through the design, giving it a unique and stunning effect when combined with the brilliant colors of the stone.  Here are the first two completed in the series.

The first piece has a blue Mojave turquoise set with fine silver on a pendant made from a combination of sterling silver and bronze.  It hangs on a handmade silver chain.
The second piece below is a Fossilized Apple Coral stone set on a brass and bronze pendant with fine silver.
More blue turquoise is on the way along with purple and bright green.  The apple red fossilized coral pictured above is the only one I have, so once this piece sells, there's currently no more of this stone available for design at the moment.
These two are currently for sale on my etsy shop: