Updates on the website

I have been expanding my business horizons the last year, diving back into traditional art - charcoal, painting, drawing ect. 
I'm taking a sabbatical from jewelry for financial reasons.  I do still have plenty in stock, I just need to put a hold on ordering new materials for little while.  I have materials to work with this summer though, including new enamels from my last round of ordering!

I am on the call list for downtown Ellicott City's "support the artists" shows - they run every 2nd Sunday of the month from April until October.  It is not juried nor judged at all based on your work. Sadly, it's only 14 spaces and priority is given to people who participated in the previous year's show. If someone is not available, they will send out emails to the rest of us on a first come, first serve basis. There are 24 interested, so I'm not holding my breath.  The Art on the Avenue jury should be announcing accepted vendors in the upcoming weeks - looking forward to that!!

Now back to the traditional work I was talking about!  I have been focusing on improving my drawing/painting.  I started making more and more and I've accumulated quite a few drawings now and people have been asking if I am selling them.  I decided to put them up on the site as a portfolio for now. I did not include it this year for my Art on the Avenue application, but if I can get a spot at this Ellicott City show, they said they don't mind what I put up for sale - they just want to support local artists.

I am looking to get them digitized so I can get prints made; all I have right now are photos I took with my camera and things get lost or colors get warped.

I've been focusing a lot of human figure and portraits since that is the most challenging for me, but I have been working on other subjects in my journals below.

If anything is of interest, contact me and we can discuss prices or if you are interested in a piece.  Right now, I only have originals for sale, but prints should be available soon!

I've also begun making a series of block prints.  Mostly for cards, though I have printed on pillowcases and may makes some more of those and well as bags in the future.  On my main splash page here, there is a portal to view first look samples of my prints as well.  Nothing too official yet, but it's in the works.


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