Thursday, October 6, 2011

Trying to Innovate

Since my last giveaway in June was for Etsy, I wanted to do my next giveaway for my blog readers!!
I've been trying to innovate more with my designs and to celebrate the success and popularity of one of my newest items, my hooked silver bangles, I'm giving a set away for free!! Just respond to this post with a shout out, feedback, or whatever you want - just make sure you follow my blog!

I will announce the winner at the end of the month!

The silver bangles I have created can clasp open and closed, eliminating the one thing that i hate about bangles: squeezing them on and off and potentially having the bracelets still be too big on me! They are super simple - just pinch on and pinch off.

Due to how delicate they are, the bangles don't make any clanging noises either. Bangles clanging (in my opinion) is fun for maybe an hour tops, but then it starts to get on my nerves!

These babies are not available on my website yet, but will be added on after the giveaway for anyone whose interested, but didn't win.

Stay tuned for more "featurettes" on my new designs.