Thursday, June 5, 2014

New improved image!

I have begun my summer makeover on the image of The Silver Swann!
Tonight I fiddled around making earring cards after taking a trip to Hobby Lobby's paperstock section :) They are on chalkboard painted cards and hand stamped and glued to a neutral brown paper background. I plan on placing the prices either in the back with stamps or the front with white charcoal pencil (on the black chalkboard area). Any opinions?

I am planning on creating a new cohesive look in my photographs and at shows. Once my June 14th show is complete, I plan on taking the earnings to purchase new show banners, materials for packaging and wrapping, as well as designing free giveaways - pens and totes - with large purchases.  And the usual: buying more metal to make more pieces of course!
I'm so energized I don't want to sleep! I still have 11 days of the school year left... almost home free.