Monday, June 16, 2014

Textured Bangles


Textured bangles are now for sale on my etsy site that go along with my textured stackable rings!
I'll be listing the stackable rings in the next few days.  Hopefully tomorrow.

The rings got quite a bit of attention at Old Town Arts and Crafts Fair, but the show itself was a bit of a disappointment.  I got some amazing feedback...but not the sales I was anticipating. 

It was a decent show, but a disorganized start....they put my booth directly in front of an amplifier across from the stage.... which is awful for sales...and when I got to my marked off area.... there was a giant iron light post with two side hanging planters RIGHT in front of my tent.  No one would be able to walk by my booth!  I did appreciate that as soon as I got the attention of the woman running it she apologized, admitting it was her oversight and it would not do. So she gave me a front spot on the other side of the square and I wasn't even directly next to another booth (meaning I could use multiple sides instead of just one).  And most happily FAR away from the live music stage!

None of the patrons seemed to know that it was going on despite the fact that it's been going on for 36 years and it was advertised on the radio and in the flyers and electronically to thousands.  They seemed to think it was new or that it was part of the Farmers Market. 

I think by next year I will be in a better financial situation to try for the Columbia Arts Festival instead.