Thursday, February 11, 2010

Cold Connections

I'm experimenting with cold connections at the moment, like rivets. I just created a new piece last night while caught inside... with blizzard continuing to reek havoc outside.

Drilled through my finger while attaching the riveted flower. Yay. Anyway, I completed the necklace and chain, which took a day.

My concept started with the idea of a pond. The rivet flower added interest to the piece as well as my concept, though it wasn't originally part of my plan.

What I love about this necklace is that the rivets at the top double as a part of my clasp. The side of the asymmetrical chain that has the larger links easily hooks into the hidden rivet on the side of the pendant.

Can't bear to part with it so soon, so I'm not putting it up on Etsy just yet...