Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New items

Two new items made during my little blizzard vacation!!! They will be posted on my etsy shop in a few days when I'm ready to let my babies go. :)

The first is part of my cuff/bangle series.

This one was inspired by Jane Austen, one of my favorite authors. It's thinner than my big cuff and it's hammered round instead of oval, so the bracelet hangs like a bangle, but the back is open and therefore adjustable!!

The second is a Blood Stone pendant. The style is very different from the delicate swirly items that dominate my inventory. I hope to add more pieces that are more abstracted or strange since my whole goal is to create for different personalities.

The setting is very different because I could not drill completely through the setting... I had to drill halfway and solder each piece while holding it up with my tongs. Not something I'd ever done before. Happily, it worked and the setting prongs are strong!
On the top, two links soldered through the pendant act as the bail for a chain. I think another asymmetrical chain is in the works to go with this piece!